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Stall & stand booking form

Please use this form to book a pitch, catering concession or static stall at this years show. Pitches are priced as follows...

  • 4x4m Gazebo Stalls (not food or drink): £20 (£10 for registered Charities)

  • Catering Stalls (4m Gazebos): £20 (£10 for registered Charities) + donation as you see fit

  • All other stands, including catering & rides/amusements & stalls/stands exceeding 4x4m:

    • ​To encourage footfall to the Super Fete we have taken the decision not to charge the public an entrance fee. For stand holders we are asking for donations to help towards the costs of running the event.  We hope that you consider a fair and generous amount of your takings so that we can continue to host the event without introducing an entrance fee in the future.  Donations will be taken into consideration for future events and priority booking. 


Please note that we are unable to provide power, tables, or gazebos. All gazebos and tents brought onto site must be sufficiently secured with sandbags or guy lines.


Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by a member of the committee to confirm your booking and be provided with a link for payment.

Please note: This form is not for booking car boot pitches, a separate form for this will be available shortly.




Contact telephone

Company name

Type of concession required


Size of stall/stand (M)

Please list ALL the goods or services being sold

Please enter the address your company operates from

Please upload a copy of your liability insurance, if you have it.

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Image (JPG/GIF) Format

Please upload a copy of your risk assessment, if you have it.

Your content has been submitted

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Please upload a copy of your food hygiene, if you have it.

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Please use this box to tell us anything else.

Will you be bringing a generator onto site.


Please Note:

Where generators are to be brought onto site stallholders must advise in advance and email a copy of the test or safety certificate (or purchase receipt if new and test exempt).


All applications are subject to final approval and payment of pitch fees. If you experience difficulties completing this form, or have any enquiries regarding pitches, then please contact

Error: Please check all required fields highlighted in red and then resubmit the form.

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