Press Release 18/03/2020

It is with profound sadness that the committee announces it has had to cancel this years Amesbury Carnival and Show, scheduled for 20th June 2020, including all lead-up carnival week events.


Audience and participant safety is our prime consideration in organising the event, which costs a significant amount of money to put on and remain viable.


Each year we rely on income from sponsorship and ticket sales to ensure that we are able to organise the following years event. In the current uncertain climate regarding large scale events and COVID-19, and having heeded government & professional advice, the committee felt it would be negligent to proceed in incurring irrecoverable costs in the event of cancellation or reduced attendance, that may otherwise prevent the event taking place again in the future.


The committee continues to meet regularly and all progress made so far this year will be directed into putting on spectacular carnival for the town next year, provisionally scheduled for 19th June 2021.

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